Communities Say “Thank you” In Small Ways

By MFSG Volunteer Lisa Rodriguez May 2017

“The most simple things can bring the most happiness.”
-Izabella Scorupco

As a mother and military spouse, running around going to karate lessons, swimming lessons, the grocery store, and every other place we frequent as a parent, I am caught off-guard at times.

These times happen when I am at a restaurant or a retail store and find out that they show their appreciation of military service members and their families by giving discounts to those who present a military ID. The process to obtain the military ID is not much different than the process of going to the DMV and getting an ID or driver’s license, except ours comes with a load of obligations.


Yes, obligations that include some unspoken “rules.” We represent military families when we are out and about in our community, especially as in our case in a small California town, where we are not near a large military community. Most of my children’s classmates have limited exposure to the military lifestyle. They can’t relate to missed birthdays, school events and holidays celebrated months away from the actual holiday.

Once we celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s and one birthday in the September before a deployment.

So, yes we are caught off-guard when someone mentions that in fact they do offer a military discount. This simple gesture warms our hearts and brings us happiness, in that we feel remembered. Our sacrifices are recognized.

I welcome ANYONE in our community to catch us off-guard at any moment by mentioning that they honor our military families’ sacrifices by offering a discount. Thank you to those who catch me personally off-guard.

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    julieJulie Leconte

    Julie is a 3rd generation California native married to a Frenchman and together they have 4 grown children.  Many of her family relations have served in the US military, but most were quiet about their experiences.  It wasn’t until her own son joined the Army in 2005 that she understood the sacrifices, pride, fear & emotional chaos involved with being a military family.  It was the isolation part that struck her the most since most civilians do not understand what it is all about.  It was a relief to discover the Military Family Support Group with her husband in 2009 (when their son was deployed in Afghanistan) and realize that here was a group of people who understood…who ‘got it’!  She has been an active member ever since. Her son is now a veteran.  In 2014 she took on the role as Facilitator of the organization with the goal of making El Dorado County military families feel valued & understood.

    Lisa Rodriguez

    Lisa is a proud wife of a U.S. Army Reservist.  A mother of two, IT consultant, avid reader and guest blogger/IT administrator for Military Family Support Group.  Lisa has a background in government consulting regarding military service members benefits, specifically Combat-Related Special Compensation, the U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program, Family Readiness Support with the U.S. Marine Corps and Social Security Disability benefits.  She has lived many places to include North Carolina, Washington, DC and overseas.  She is a military spouse that has endured many months of having a spouse deployed and serial volunteer for veteran/military service member organizations.



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