Values Statement

Statement of Values

As an organization, the MFSG adheres to the following values in conducting all business:

  • honor and uphold all branches of the US military equally
  • honor and respect feelings and opinions of those in our group
  • honor and uphold all state and federal laws
  • Remember that no individual is as smart as all of us together
  • Strive to lead openly and inclusively
  • Share experiences that may help others whatever their stage of enlistment
  • Communicate, inform and engage each other
  • Be involved in any way you are able
  • Take other’s emotions/opinions into account without passing judgment
  • Be sensitive to the needs of others
  • Treat others as you would have them treat you
  • Fill a need if you are able
  • Model respectful behavior in order to provide a safe emotional environment in which to share feelings & information
  • Guard personal information & do not give it to any outside source without permission
  • Guard what private personal information has been discussed at meetings & do not share publicly
  • Strive to do no harm
  • Refrain from participating in any political campaign on behalf of, or representing the MFSG